Water Tower Project

Providing Running Water to the LEM Campus


Currently, LEM’s only water source is a well centrally located on the campus.  This well has been servicing the campus needs as well as the surrounding community since 2007.  Because there is no running water, the students must gather water in buckets daily for cooking, bathing, and other needs. This, as you can imagine, is very hard work.  

The water tower project will provide the campus with running water to all its facilities, a basic need not readily available in much of Liberia.  This will make the daily chores and cooking easier for the children and staff.  It will also make things much more comfortable for visiting guests and missionaries.  

As we provide clean, running water to the community, we will continue to provide the Living Water of Jesus Christ on our campus and to those who visit.

Water Tower Project Needs

  • 6 solar panels to power needed electricity to run the lights and pumps

  • $4500 to complete tower construction