The God Story



In October 2012, Emily, now our child sponsorship coordinator, was pulled aside at church by her friend, Nicki.  Nicki was having recurring dreams about a little girl named Ruth.  Ruth had dark skin, was about 4 years old, and kept calling out to Nicki for help.  Emily didn't have any insight at the moment, but agreed to pray with Nicki over the coming months about it.  Remember, the child sponsorship program wasn't in existence at this time!


In the meantime, Emily was waiting to be connected with Mark Dahn, LEM's founder.  Emily's friend, Brenda, had told her Mark supported a children's home in Liberia and was possibly needing help.  After many weeks, Mark and Emily finally met around December 2012.  Mark expressed his desire to get help finding sponsors for the children.  Emily and her husband, Brian, already had experience working with a sponsorship program.  It was a perfect match!   They agreed that Mark could bring pictures and bios of the children to the next Sunday service at their church.

the God story revealed

That Sunday, Mark brought about 25 pictures to display.  As Emily started to put them on the wall, her eyes immediately went to one child.  Ruth.  Dark skin.  4 years old.  Emily immediately called Nicki and said, "I'm looking at her!"  Needless to say, Nicki became the first sponsor with Light Evangelism Ministry!  By the end of that week, all 25 children were sponsored, and the LEM Child Sponsorship Program was born.  Brian and Emily, along with two college students, Becca and Brandon, traveled with Mark in May 2013 to profile the less fortunate children of Liberia.  Since then, almost 100 children have been sponsored and given basic needs, education, and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The prayer of LEM is that God will continue to bless this important ministry that is raising up the future leaders of Liberia!