Sponsor a Child

Our mission

At Light Evangelism Ministry, we believe that education is the key to children rising out of poverty.  Our mission in this program is to see our children not just graduate high school, but to continue with vocational training or college education, thereby setting them up for a lifetime of sustainable living.

Our model

Our sponsorship model works in partnership with local churches and leaders in Liberia to provide food, clothing, education, and spiritual care to orphans and less fortunate children (those with families in extreme poverty).  Many of the children in our care have lost one or both parents.  With 85% of the country being unemployed or living as subsistence farmers, the need is great.

LEM has two levels of care for these children.  Those living in the dorm on our main campus are sponsored 3 times to enable quality care and education.  Those living in our children's home are sponsored once and are moved to our main campus at 10 years of age.

our method

When you join the sponsorship family, you are giving one of our children the hope they desire and deserve.  Monthly sponsorships are $40.  This allows your child to receive an education, daily needs, and the love of Christ through daily instruction and prayer.

Light Evangelism Ministry is a 501(c)3 organization. All your monetary donations are tax-deductible. A giving statement will be sent to you at the end of each calendar year. 

God bless you for joining us in this important work!




Amos is a precious 12 year old boy who lost both parents in the recent Ebola crisis in Liberia.  He is a great helper on our campus and has a very sweet spirit.  Amos is in the 3rd grade and wants to be an electrician one day.



Thomas is a strong 15 year old young man who lost his father in the Ebola crisis.  He has never known his mother.  His aunt was helping to care for him, but needed our help after Thomas' father died.  Thomas is in the 7th grade and wants to be an engineer.




Gonyehn is a very shy 9 year old boy.  He has never known his father and his mother is a subsistence farmer.  This means that without sponsorship, Gonyehn has no hope of going to school.  He is currently in the first grade and dreams of being a teacher one day.



Cynthia was recently named “Queen” in a local contest. She is from the town Kakata, Africa. Cynthia is a child affected by the ebola epidemic and now lives in the dorms on the LEM campus. Cynthia is able to stay at LEM through the efforts of the sponsorship program.





Marshall is a handsome 14 year old with a quiet spirit.  His mother is a subsistence farmer and his father is deceased.  Marshall's smile will capture your heart the moment you see him!  He is in the third grade and wants to work in agriculture one day.