Dormitory Project

Housing That Offers Hope


The dormitory project began in 2013 with the start of our child sponsorship program.  It currently has 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 6 showering areas.  This summer, the roof was reconstructed from a tin sheet roof to a concrete roof.  There are 42 children currently living in the dorm, along with 4 house parents.  The boys and girls have separate wings with a common gathering area between those wings.  

Children and staff gather every morning and night for devotionals, prayer, worship, and praise.  The children will offer thanks to God for something that happened that day.  Some will quote a Bible verse that is special to them.  It is a truly powerful worship experience like none other.  We are so grateful that our house parents are loving and diligent in training and discipling our children.

Almost all the children in our dorm have come from extreme poverty and broken homes.  Some of our children lost both parents in the Ebola crisis leaving them orphaned.  They are being provided with hope through the housing and education offered to them through our child sponsorship program.  

The dorm has also been opened recently to boarding students and will continue to expand as we add a second floor with more rooms and facilites for our growing needs.  If you are interested in sending a family member to our boarding facility, please contact GN. Mark Dahn at 850-483-9771 or

Dorm Needs

  • Finances to maintain facilities

  • Beds

  • Mosquito Nets

  • Sheets

  • Towels

  • Construction of a second floor